Jaffer Abdulkarim

Research Assistant

“Heavy metal pollution in soils is a pressing issue faced by farmers across the world. It threatens food security as well as both, human and animal health. Talam is using the microbes found within the soil itself to spearhead our innovative research. I’m incredibly proud to be part of the team doing such important work urgently needed to address this problem.”

Jaffer is thrilled to be able to put his microbiology knowledge into practice every day exploring the potential of soil microbes to improve crop quality and yield, reduce heavy metals, and restore soil health. He is part of the R&D team who design and conduct experiments, analyse data, and prepare reports. He also helps develop and validate methods for microbial identification and characterization. Jaffer is passionate about learning new skills and techniques and collaborating with other scientists and stakeholders. More than anything, he is excited by what our microbes can do and what the future holds for them.

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