Florencia Linares

Flor Linares

Director of Strategy & Business Development

“Soil health is a priority for me because that’s where the food system starts and where the answers live. Talam’s applications have the potential to improve food safety and nutrition, increase agricultural productivity, and address climate change — all of which are fundamental as we reimagine how we grow our food.”

Flor Linares has been immersed in the agri-food space since she was a child, helping in her family’s food distribution business in Argentina where her job was to organize invoices in numerical order. After almost 10 years rotating through management consulting at McKinsey, Argentina’s national government, and agricultural social enterprise in Sierra Leone, she joined Talam to fully dive into her passion for the food system. In her role, Flor supports fundraising for Talam, engaging with potential investors and partner organizations (industry players, NGOs, government). She helps set the overall direction for the company, its business model and commercial strategies, working closely with CEO John Chrosniak.

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