Eoin Grindley

Eoin Grindley

Chief Financial Officer

“Talam’s primary focus is to help make our food, soil and people safer and healthier. It’s a big, hairy, audacious goal, but nature is amazing and has a solution to everything. We just need to find it. That’s what drives me at Talam — that we are doing something big, and good, for the planet.”

Eoin is Talam’s chief financial officer. For more than three decades, he’s worked in a variety of commercially focused finance roles and for the last 11 years, has worked with early-stage companies and startups. He loves building businesses from the ground up, which is exactly what he’s helping do at Talam. Since joining the company in 2021, he’s done a little bit of everything including financial oversight, fundraising, corporate governance, IT implementation, human resource management and legal compliance. In a nutshell, Eoin’s job is to make sure Talam is operating smoothly and poised for continued growth.

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