Dr. Rajpal Shetty

Dr. Rajpal Shetty

Soil Scientist

“I am proud that all of us at Talam are working hard to protect the environment, improve people’s health and safety, promote sustainability and generate economic benefits in an environmentally friendly manner. Microbial solutions are a sustainable and affordable way to address these important challenges in agriculture and human health, which could lead to improved food security, reduced dependence on harmful chemicals and enhance biodiversity.”

Rajpal is a soil detective at Talam using microbes to solve mysteries below the ground to help make the earth above ground a better place to live. With a master’s degree and PhD, he has a specialized background in agriculture with a focus on soil science and plant nutrition. His research has focused mainly on finding innovative ways to remediate contaminated soils. He uses his strong understanding of biochar, soil microbes, and phytoremediation techniques to help Talam identify alternate ways to remediate contaminated soil.

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