Dr. Maurice Barrett

Dr. Maurice Barrett


“Talam is one of the first companies to begin to address the issue of reducing heavy metals in our food supply. I believe we have the vision and capacities to make food safer using nature. I love the opportunity to address a visible public health concern.”

Though “bioinformatician” may sound like one of those made-up roles, we assure you it is very important at Talam, and we’re glad Maurice is in it. Bioinformatics uses computers to study biological things, including animals, plants and even microbes. There’s a lot of information in those living organisms, so Maurice captures that data and sorts it so that it makes sense. As a geneticist with more than 15 years of experience studying the human microbe, he appreciates how nature provides solutions like using antibiotics to fight disease. So he’s putting his skills to use for Talam, learning how nature can help solve some of the biggest challenges humans face like improving the health of our soil and plants.

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