Dr. Emma Doyle

Plant Scientist

Working in plant science gives you a sense of duty to use the knowledge you have amassed over your years of studying to do something worthwhile for the planet and the future of the planet, especially given the challenges we are facing today in terms of climate change. Talam is an opportunity to do that something worthwhile and improve food safety and soil health using the most natural products.”

Growing up on a tillage farm in Ireland, Emma Doyle just may have plants woven into her DNA. As a plant scientist at Talam, she takes the natural microbial products that have been evaluated in laboratory experiments and plans the next stage of testing in actual farm fields and beyond on their path to getting into market. Months of preparation and planning goes into those large-scale field trials, but it’s all worth it for Emma when she sees her crops in the field. The final payoff is when she sees positive results at harvest because she knows that a natural Talam product is one step closer to market.

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