Dr. Ciara Tyrrell

Dr. Ciara Tyrrell


“Heavy metal contamination of crops impacts human health as well as global food security; therefore it is a high priority to develop a solution to mitigate the impact of these issues. At Talam, we’re developing a solution that uses naturally occurring microbes, so we can avoid introducing any potential pollutants into the environment. Animals, humans and the environment — we’re all interlinked.”

For Talam microbiologist Ciara Tyrrell, no two weeks are ever the same and that’s just how she likes it. Her focus is to find microbes from the environment that Talam can use to help reduce heavy metals in our crops, capture carbon or solve other looming man-made challenges. She works with Talam team members to design and conduct experiments so they can better understand how plants and microbes interact. And there’s no better feeling for her than when an experiment shows that she may have discovered something new.

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