Dr. Alice Kennedy

Dr. Alice Kennedy

Research Manager

“What drives us at Talam is the desire to protect the health of people. The microbes that live in the soil already do the jobs we need them to do. If we learn more about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, it can lead to a safer and more sustainable way of producing food while protecting the earth.”

As a plant scientist at Talam, Alice is always growing — both literally and figuratively. With a master’s degree in plant biotechnology and a PhD in plant developmental genetics, she designs and sets up Talam’s spinach, rice and wheat pot trials. She loves the freedom she has to design each experiment so she can see how Talam’s products perform on plants. But what she loves the most is working with the team to determine what those results might mean and how they can build on them to help solve challenges in food production and sustainability.

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