US Congressman demands FDA commit to deadlines for reducing toxic metals in baby food

Rep. Krishnamoorthi has pressured the FDA to commit to reducing toxic heavy metals in baby food, setting a deadline for the agency to respond by May 10. Krishnamoorthi, frustrated with the FDA’s slow progress, criticized the agency for failing to establish limits on neurotoxic metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, despite a congressional report highlighting dangerous levels in baby foods. The FDA’s Closer to Zero program, intended to set strict limits, has fallen behind schedule, now projecting final guidelines by the end of 2025. In a letter to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, Krishnamoorthi demands finalized guidance for lead by the end of 2024 and for other heavy metals by the end of 2025. He attributes the delay to industry resistance and emphasizes the need for regulatory agencies to remain independent of industry influence to ensure public safety.