Trace Genomics and Talam Biotech Announce Collaboration Agreement to Bring Validated Nature-Based Solutions to Market

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The agreement will combine Trace Genomics’ industry leading comprehensive soil environment engine with Talam Biotech’s expanding pipeline of microbial based solutions targeting heavy metal remediation in food crops.

REDWOOD CITY, USA; DUBLIN, Ireland, June 7, 2022 – Trace Genomics and Talam Biotech have entered into a multi-phase collaboration agreement that will unlock the cutting-edge power of soil DNA analysis (metagenomics) to accelerate the development of nature-based bioremediation solutions for heavy metal contamination in food crops.

Agriculture is facing unprecedented challenges arising from weather-related impacts of climate change, volatile geopolitical dynamics, and supply chains still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. These challenges come at a time when the demand for food continues to grow as populations increase, putting the security of our global food supply at risk.

In addition to conventional plant pests and essential nutrient concerns, heavy metals in soils pose a significant issue for crop growth, yield and human health. Many crops are grown in soil where levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and other contaminants are elevated and can be absorbed by plants during the growing season. These contaminants end up in food and create significant concern for long term human health.

By combining the powerful computational capabilities of the data-backed Trace Environment Soil System (TESSTM) with Talam’s extensive portfolio of microbial soil solutions, this collaboration will enable accelerated bioremediation product development, strategic product positioning, and expanded market access to solutions for heavy metal contamination in a wide range of environments.

“We recognize the importance of this critical application, and the overwhelming market need for solutions to address this area of growing concern” said John Chrosniak, Chief Executive Officer of Talam Biotech. “Our collaboration with Trace Genomics will enable us to meet this need faster, and deliver a more valuable solution to farmers.”

Trace Genomics delivers the most comprehensive analysis of the soil available at scale-speed-cost-accuracy via the TESSTM Engine. TESSTM digitizes and decodes the living soil using genomics, advanced science, and machine learning, and is crucial in the partnership with Talam Biotech. The tendency of food crops to take up heavy metals depends on several biological, chemical, and physical factors in the soil environment. With Trace’s extensive soil microbiome database, data backed recommendations can be made for the development and optimal application of Talam Biotech’s products – improving their efficacy and consistency for the most effective management of heavy metals in soils.

“By combining Talam Biotech’s unique bioremediation solutions with Trace Genomics’ deep understanding of soil, this agreement will help bring validated and verified biologicals from Talam Biotech’s portfolio to the market” said Dan Vradenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Trace Genomics.

“Our extensive experience in measuring and modeling the complex living nature of soil allows us to provide evidence-based intelligence at all developmental stages of Talam Biotech’s solutions from discovery to commercial success” said Poornima Parameswaran, Cofounder and President of Trace Genomics. “We can identify effective microbial solutions, optimize for diverse growing conditions, and ensure farmer success in adopting these incredibly important new tools.”

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics is an alive science company that sequences DNA in the soil, creating the most comprehensive microbiome database to advance food and energy production. Trace Genomics has won several awards, including being selected as a 2020 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Winner of FoodShot Global’s Innovating Soil 3.0 Challenge, Forbes Top 25 Most Innovative AgTech, THRIVE Top 50 AgTech, 2022 Global Cleantech top 100 start-ups and many more.

About Talam Biotech

Talam Biotech is a leader in developing microbial-based solutions that reduce soil contaminants to benefit agriculture and food production. Talam Biotech brings extensive experience in understanding the power of microbes and their capacity to sequester contaminants and remediate soil pollutants, Talam Biotech is leading the development of solutions to enable farmers to grower healthier, more sustainable food.
More information can be found at www.tracegenomics.com and www.talam.com