What if the key to creating healthier food and a more sustainable planet was right under our feet?

Newly planted crops beginning to grow in field.

At Talam Biotech, we’re unlocking the potential hidden within the soil’s microbiome to solve our most challenging problems

Billions of microbes live in the soil that can increase crop yield, reduce heavy metals, reduce fertilizer usage, restore healthy soil and more.

It starts with a deep understanding of how microbes work

With our broad genetic knowledge and sequencing capabilities, we’ve been able to identify the unique characteristics that lie within our microbes.

Blue biology cells shown under a microscope.

Purple biology DNA strands.

How they function in complex ecosystems

Our understanding of how microbes function within the plant and the environment enables us to deliver genomic and metagenomic solutions.

And how powerful Bioinformatics can help find native microbes that provide growers with effective natural solutions

With our comprehensive knowledge of mechanism of action, we can quickly identify solutions from any geography.

Blue and red lights displaying words in white text.

Close up of green crops growing in a field.
Person gathering up a handful of soil.

Using microbes to create micro solutions to solve macro problems

Like improving crop quality and yield

Our microbial discoveries can improve the quality and the quantity of the food we grow.

Tractor hauling cargo through lettuce field.

Farm machinery pouring processed crops into piles.
Chemical breakdown of soil around newly growing plant.

Reducing heavy metals in our food

Our microbial solutions are already helping eliminate the uptake of heavy metals from the soil into our food supply.

Reducing the amount of fertilizer needed to grow our food

We’ve identified microbes with the potential to reduce chemical fertilizer applications.

Tractor fertilizing newly-planted crop field.

Water dripping out of farm irrigation system creating a puddle.

Restoring soil health and sustainability

Our discoveries have led to practical solutions that are remediating contaminated soil around the globe.

And that’s only the beginning

We continue to discover new solutions that improve the health of our people and our planet, creating a more sustainable future.